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La Source de la Santé offers you a wide range of massage therapy services. Our certified specialists will help you with any kind of back problem. Choose one of the massage types below or talk to our specialists about your specific needs.

Therapeutic Massage

No matter what kind of back problem you are suffering from, at La Source de la Santé Clinic you are in the right hands. Our certified massage therapists will quickly help you to get back to your regular lifestyle.

Sports Massage

Specialized sports massage helps professional athletes and people who enjoy sports to achieve best performance in training and recover after sporting events. It also helps healing muscles and tendons injuries.

Cup Massage

Cup massage is an ancient and highly beneficial massage technique performed with special vacuum cups that apply decreased targeted pressure within biologically active zones of the human body.

Massage with Exfoliation

Skin is our largest organ and every once in a while it requires deep cleansing, which promotes healthy regeneration. Enjoy full body massage combined with back exfoliation that will provide excellent shooting and relaxation effect.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is designed to reduce both physical and emotional stress. It relaxes muscles and stimulates skin and nervous system by enhancing oxygen flow in the blood.

Californian Massage

Californian Massage is based upon a smooth and tender technique with warm aromatic oil. Long and fluid hand movements will help you relax every single muscle. Californian massage guarantees you a wonderful experience and ultimate relaxation.

Shiatsu Massage

This ancient Japanese massage combines finger, palm and thumbs pressure, stretches and other techniques. It helps to get rid of muscle pain, stress, nausea, anxiety and even depression. This massage can be performed with clothes on.

Prenatal Massage

This massage is designed for the pregnant woman to assist in the continuing changes in her body. Specialized pregnancy massage is an efficient way to adapt your body to the new life growing inside of you. It helps you relax, boost your energy and minimize typical discomfort caused by pregnancy.

Manual Lymph Draining

"Manual lymph drainage" is a soft massage technique intended to stimulate lymph circulation while strengthening the immune system. The beneficial effects of the lymph drainage are uncountable.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

Also called anti-buffer massage or anti-orange peel massage, the anti-cellulite massage allows correcting the unsightly aspects of the skin. Its main objective is to decrease the rate of fat cells contained under the cutaneous tissues. The dissolution of the adipose tissue will prevent the formation of the cellulite on the cutaneous surface.