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Colon Hydrotherapy Montreal

Looking for top quality colon hydrotherapy in Montreal? Clinique La Source de la Santé offers you the best and safest colon hydrotherapy services. Colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonic Irrigation) is a specialized internal bath, which cleanses the colon of mucus deposits, toxic fecal matters and gases. Disposable equipment allows filtered water at a carefully regulated temperature to be gently introduced into the rectum, which progressively softens and expels compacted waste from the colon. During the colon hydrotherapy session your therapist may use a gentle abdominal massage to improve the breakdown and elimination of toxic deposits and fecal buildup. The whole process takes about 35-45 minutes.

Colon hydrotherapy is also recommended to anyone who suffers from other digestive problems; allergies; migraines, and headaches. All these problems have to do with body intoxication caused by fecal buildup and mucus deposits. Unlike laxatives, colon hydrotherapy is not habit-forming and in fact it will improve your colon's muscle tone.
Colon hydrotherapy is a completely safe procedure performed in accordance with hospital-approved standards. It doesn't require any preparation; however we recommend not eating for about three hours before the treatment. If you never had colon hydrotherapy before, we suggest a course of six - twelve colon hydrotherapy treatments. In general it is a good idea to have colon hydrotherapy every six months to maintain optimal colon health.
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Duration: 1 hour
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