Quality colonic hydrotherapy in Montreal
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Colon hydrotherapy / Colonic irrigation in Montreal

Colon Hydrotherapy - Colon Irrigation

La Source de la Santé offers you an extensive and safe colon hydrotherapy / colonic irrigation. This is a gentle and highly efficient body detoxification method that will significantly improve your health.

Ionic spa. Perfect detox in combination with hydrotherapy.

Ionic Body Detox

La Source de la Santé offers you an innovative ionic foot baths. This is a safe, non-invasive and painless method that helps your body to get rid of toxins and heavy metals naturally.

Massotherapy Montreal


La Source de la Santé offers you a wide range of massage therapy services. Our certified and experienced specialists will help you with any kind of back problem.

Thermal Auricular Therapy

Thermal Auricular Therapy

Also known as ear-candling, this traditional treatment is designed to cleanse and purify one's ears.

Safe and efficient colon hydrotherapy treatment in Montreal


Welcome to La Source de la Sante Clinic. We offer you a number of essential procedures that cleanse and stimulate your body, help you relax and restore your emotional equilibrium. Since 1999 we helped many people to solve various health problems and improve their well-being. We offer you top quality colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonic irrigation); ionic foot baths; massotherapy services and several kinds of relaxation massage. We believe that every customer requires a personalized approach which is the reason why you will receive an extensive consultation. Our experienced specialists will evaluate your health condition and answer all your questions. You can rest assured that at La Source de la Sante Clinic we always protect your personal information. La Source de la Sante Clinic is a member of Hydrotherapy Montreal association.

Feel free to contact us for additional information or to BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT ONLINE. We look forward to seeing you!


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